Toby was a pleasure to work with on creating my new website.

The design concepts he came up with were completely in line with the vision I had. It was like he was reading my mind.

Toby was professional, reliable and easy to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate to use him again for future projects.

Sue Dumais, Speaker
Before meeting Toby, I was extremely frustrated and disappointed.  My previous designer had taken months to work with my design and it was not completed or headed in the right direction.

Toby understood my concerns right away and was able to provide expert advice and complete the web site within weeks.  It is such a relief to have this very important part of my business running again!

Toby was gentle and kind while also being fun and knowledgeable.  His suggestions on the way to write marketing material were really helpful, too.  I am very happy with the new site.

Jennifer Diedrich
Suzuki Strings of St. Pete
I just ended a phone consult with Toby Martini. I had needed some help with WordPress, a web-based tool for creating your own website. I had been having problems understanding the use of WordPress although everyone assured me that it was very easy.

Toby was patient, even when it appeared that he had previously answered some of my questions. And in a relatively short time, he had me actually modifying existing pages, changing tabs, and creating new pages. After we disconnected, I created a new page and embedded a photo with wrapping text!

Toby showed me that it really was as easy as everyone says.

Paul Schnitzler, Ph.D.
College of Engineering, USF
Toby helped design the website for my business. He took all my concerns, questions and creative interest to heart and gave me the ability to not only create a website that I am proud of but gave me real working IT knowledge that I could use and feel comfortable with.

He was an absolute joy to work with, listens well and helps you to create a personalized web solution while professionally guiding your through the experience.

He is truly an IT coach and I highly recommend him.

Kevin Elden
Kevin Elden Coaching
Before we talked, I was terrified to touch anything on my site. I had the basic knowledge to put up a post, an image, and to answer comments, but that's it. I felt really stuck and afraid to do any tweaking. I was afraid to blow anything up.

On our initial consult, you seemed quite unintimidating. Technology is a bit scary for me and I felt comfortable with you. I got that you wouldn't make me feel stupid about it. Things moved a lot more quickly than I thought. I had some really great early shifts even in the first week of working together.

Your personable and easy way of working through technological issues made me feel comfortable the whole time. Not only was it NOT painful and scary, it was really enjoyable. It was great to be able to get off the phone with you and just go to my site and try things out, like plugins; to muck around and still feel secure that my site is not going to crash. And if it does crash, I know how to get it back!

I felt completely different in how I relate with my blog. I had so much more confidence to go in and just try stuff.

What would I tell people? Toby's got a really good blend between IT coaching and life coaching that is just great. Jump in!

Thank you so much, Toby. I really appreciate it!

Dave Rowley
Creative Chai
Hey Coach Toby:

I appreciate the talk today and you creating clarity for me. You also provided great website, twitter, tech tips and inspiration to help me get moving.

Coach Brian
Hi Toby,

I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to you for our session today. You have been amazing at providing insights, ideas and tweaks on my WordPress site. You provided answers and solved issues and which have been bugging me for MONTHS.

As an entrepreneur and coach, I am so thrilled to know I can rely on you to help express my personal brand and style through my website/blog easily and quickly. I wish I had left my website to your expertise back in the fall, it would have saved me a lot of time and angst.

Thanks again, you are very appreciated!

Kelly Welch
Yes Career Services
I was really overwhelmed with all of the choices in front of me about how to move my business forward technologically.
Toby made taking the next step simple and fun, and I’m now motivated to get started!

He has a gold mine of creative ways to get your message out to the people you want to serve and shows you how to implement them with ease.

Thank you, Toby!

Melissa Zwanger
Your Goddess Coach

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