This is a list of all the things that I recommend for getting started online.
Web hosting. WordPress themes. Email marketing tools.

HostGator – I have a bunch of sites here. Easiest setup for everything.

Thesis Theme for WordPress – A popular theme amongst professional bloggers. Easy to change most bits of layout and design. Great SEO features.

StudioPress Themes  – This framework/theme has developed a huge following. Made by the great folks at Copyblogger means it’s good stuff!

TOOLS – A great collection of tools to help you market your website. Popups, mailing lists, social sharing, etc.
Absolutely worth the price!

Gravity Forms – Fantastic tool for creating any sort of form on your site. Very powerful if you need more than 1 simple contact form on your site.

Webinar Ninja – Want to create webinars? This is a great choice! Easy to use and powerful. Handles a lot of the signing  up and emailing that needs to happen.

Aweber Email Marketing   – Best choice for newsletters, broadcasting your blog, and for managing your (IMPORTANT!) list of clients and future clients.

MailChimp – Super easy to use. Lot’s of great templates. Free until you have 2000 people on your list.


[Yes. I am an affiliate for most of these products. ]
[If you purchase something, I will feed & clothe my three boys.]
[Or maybe just get them more Pokemon cards. Yeah!]

The best thing to do though is to contact me and let me get all of that set up for you!